The College currently offers over 50 A Level (or equivalent) courses - probably the largest range of A Level subject options available in any college in the country. Options include familiar subjects but also many that are not usually studied at GCSE. There is also an opportunity to improve GCSE qualifications through the Advanced Foundation Programme. Full course details can also be found in our Prospectus.

All students attend Registration each day and on each Thursday and on some specific days each year undertake Tutorial Programme activities which include personal development and broader educational experiences including safeguarding, college/British Values, work related learning and employability, citizenship, social action (charity and volunteering) and health awareness activities and education – in addition to individual target-setting, action planning and communications. The College also offers students a fantastic choice of Additional Studies courses from a range of our 70 courses – and there are also many, many from extracurricular opportunities.

A Level Courses (or equivalent - Applied General Extended Certificiate)

A Level is a nationally recognised and well-respected two year Sixth Form qualification, providing students with a route through to university or employment. At the Sixth Form College, a wide range of A Level choices allows students to develop a programme and timetable which best suits their needs, interests and aspirations, without timetable or ‘blocking’ or ‘clash’ restrictions. Most students will study 3 A Levels for two academic years – but some will study 4 courses. All A Level classes are taught on the college site and students will have classes on each weekday, with classes for each subject on 4 of the 5 days.

Please note that A Level programmes will also have a broadly equivalent amount of ‘independent study’ time required outside of classes each week – an approximate average of 15 to 17 hours per week, in total, of independent study time is required within this framework. The amount of independent study time for each individual course will vary but, in general, 5 hours per week for each A Level is typical.

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GCSE Courses (or equivalent - Level 2 Certificate)

The Advanced Foundation Programme offers the chance to complete a range of GCSE, or equivalent, courses in one year. Some of these courses may be GCSE ‘retakes’ in familiar subject areas such as GCSE Maths or English, whereas others offer the opportunity to study a subject with a BTEC (First level 2) qualification framework e.g. Science, or study new GCSE or BTEC subjects such as Media Studies or Citizenship or Business.

The core GCSE courses (GCSE English Language, English Literature and Maths) are largely targeted at getting those students who achieved GCSE grade 3’s at school to grade 4’s, but we also see the AFP course as an opportunity and a chance to progress on a wider level in a new and more adult environment . For some students it’s a chance to rediscover their confidence and gives them the motivation to achieve their potential, leaving behind whatever happened first time around. For others it may offer the opportunity to improve their GCSE profile if factors such as illness or relocation have disrupted progress, before moving onto further study at A Level and beyond. Students come to AFP along a variety of different routes – some are offered a place at interview, long before they enrol, whereas others will transfer from an A Level if their GCSE results do not fulfil initial expectations.

All AFP students are taught by subject specialist drawn from the A Level Teaching teams, using the full range of college facilities. They are taught within a close, supportive community, with plenty of access to support for their learning. AFP students are also able to take advantage of other features of the college such as our extensive additional studies programme.

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Additional Studies

As well as a very broad range of options from the Additional Studies programme, there are a wide range of clubs, activities and societies at College. The more you get involved, the more you will enjoy your time with us and the more skills and abilities you will develop.

There are excellent performing arts opportunities at the College. We have music ensembles, a band, an orchestra, a choir and a ‘rock workshop’. There are trips to concerts and recitals and you do not have to study a Music course to join in. Many students take part in productions either as members of the cast, in stage management, costume or set design. You do not have to be a Theatre Studies student to be involved. You will also be able to join dance and drama clubs and to take part in dance productions and other performance opportunities.

Over 70% of our students at College participate in some form of sport each year, many on a regular basis, and there are excellent opportunities in both high level competitive sport and recreation sport for fun and fitness.

Other clubs and societies include Amnesty International, Christian Union, Debating Society and Chess Club. Please see the Additional Studies Curriculum Handbook (see box on left for download link) or the Overview of the Additional Studies Programme for greater detail.