For years, international activities have been at the heart of college life, working closely with partners abroad and organisation such as The British Council.

There have been a range of trips and visits, some connected specifically to the curriculum and others aimed at broadening student experience. In previous years, these have included the India Expedition, the Paraguay Expedition, departmental visits to places such as Arran, Arizona and New York, a series of language exchanges and visits and many more besides.

Even during the covid-19 pandemic, the College has run a wide and varied programme of international activities that aims to give all students the opportunity to participate in and contribute to the international dimension of the college. These activities have been a mixture subject specific, cross-curricular and available to all through the college tutorial programme and have sought to build upon student-led activities by such groups as the Culture Committee and the ‘Friends Not Foes’ group, to respond to the global interests, concerns and aspirations of our students.

Recent events include our Modern Foreign Languages Day:

4 photos of lessons during the Modern Languages Day

It was a very well attended event, with students making fantastic presentations to celebrate their language and culture, such as Arabic, Nigerian, Sardinian, Macedonian, Italian, German, Romanian and Turkish. There was a great, vibrant atmosphere in the language centre during a very successful event.

In other news, we were also delighted to receive photos confirming that the package containing letters and stationery has arrived with our friends at the Escuela Parroquial Monte Tabor in Nicaragua. 

Image of the letters sent by the college in Nicaragua

As part of a long-term strategy for our international curriculum, supporting a clear policies (see left), we are actively seeking to further develop our programme of successful subject-specific fieldtrips alongside curricular activities offered to all students which address global citizenship, such as the Paraguay expedition and the Holocaust Programme, built upon longstanding (and evolving) relations exist between us and our partner schools and their students. 

If you are a teacher abroad in a school or college and wish to discuss potential links with us and aiming to foster international contact between students, online, by mail or in person, please do feel free to contact our International Initiatives Co-ordinator. (See contact box on left).