At the Sixth Form College, we teach all of our courses in specialist sixth form accommodation on one purpose-built site, located in a very accessible central area of Colchester. Those of you who have passed the entrance on North Hill but have not yet visited our site may be surprised to find that there are seven separate buildings, all specifically focused upon the academic teaching, learning and wider experiences appropriate for 16-19 year olds – and without the distractions of other activities applicable to younger or older age groups.

Many visitors to Colchester will be familiar with the iconic view of the main building, sitting on top of North Hill, which can be seen when arriving at the south of the town centre – including the huge windows for the Art Department that span the top of the entire building. Less immediately visible are the range of other modern, purpose-built buildings and facilities. There is the Syd Kent Pavilion, with its ‘living roof’, student social and study spaces as well as the three specialist buildings for Languages, Performance and ICT. A tour of the College might include a visit to a sound studio, a student run charity café, the fitness centre and astro turf pitch, science laboratories, the visual arts areas, an electronics workshop, the radio station and dance rehearsal rooms or any of the seventeen specific departmental teaching or learning areas.

Students may find themselves spending time in vibrant social spaces one minute or seeking out a quiet area for study or support facilities the next. Apart from those who choose the options of sports, work and community placements, or field work and visits, all our activities take place within the ease and security of one site in the heart of Colchester.